Trailmon Station





Trailmon Station is a location where Trailmon can reside and rest, the only place they can call home in the Digital World. The station is only recognized being upheld by a community of trailmons, and few even benefit from their roaming nature, despite the few locations the frequent being on a track.

Originally there is only one station for those that are only transporting and running through Digital World, and another that is a graveyard where they go to contemplate until their death. It later expands with the rise of Hiro Sazaki who brought attention to it and turns it into a massive network with multiple locations.

Outlook Edit

Trailmon station is a lax location due to the trailmons' diplomacy with other digimons in the Digital World, until an Ultimate Tamer intervened and it comes to attract many hostiles. For a time guarded by digimons that lived in the swamp, which is a disadvantage.

The station itself only contains about 16 long rails: 4 with overhead hangar acting as a shelter and facility, 4 for backup and 8 tracks open to world traffic, all connected by switching rails.

The structure slightly changed since Ultimate Tamer wars, and custom designed for different locations once the trainman network expands during Digimon World Alpha.

History Edit

The Trailmon Station originally is at peace, but Hiro came to see the potential benefit he can have over other Ultimate Tamers and digimons who'd be hostiles. Although unintentionally bringing in enemies for trailmons, Hiro made promises and fight for their place in the Digital World as an indirect sign of his humility.

After the Digital World is once saved by Ultimate Tamers, Reiji uses the many tracks as a route to go in and out of several areas, something that has been halted step by step by Hiro's expanding containment.

During DWA, a massive network is built and managed by Hiro Sasaki and his partner Lacertamon, a Trailmon-based company responsible for most of the land trades and transports. Terminals are constructed in some prominent locations and has the ability to hold a first against attacks, and they're protected under contract with Digi-Central.

Locations Edit


  • Digi-Central 
  • Old Verdant 
  • Ex Machina 
  • Cutting-Edge Bridge* 
  • Converge Plains 
  • Overheat Desert* 


  • Overheat Desert (3) 
  • Forest Area (6, and includes Old Verdant area) 
  • Blast Volcano (2) 
  • Shorelines (3) 

Services Edit

Hiro also manages other unorthodox businesses that allows others to survive in Digital World through different means.

  • Dusty Trails - Locations in Digital World where trains can stop or pass by to pick up or drop off random tamers and digimons.
  • Midnight Express - A night-only service trains that also connects to underground activities.