Ryuu Nakamura
(アルファ竜 Nakamura Ryuu)
The Creator of Digimon Central


Ultimate Tamer







As one of the Ultimate Tamers that had sealed away the evil Barbamon, Ryuu Nakamura took action and made a city in order to home other tamers and recruit them into joining the fight against any other possibile threats from Barbamon's influence.


Ryuu is a natural born leader. He's pretty quick to jump at situations and tends to act a bit goofy. He's also very considerate and is helpful towards others. Instead of helping other people with their problems, he guides people into solving it on their own, hoping that they'll learn from their experiences.


Ryuu lead the group of Humans known as Ultimate Tamers in the fight against Barbamon and his evil army of digimon. Upon sealing away Barbamon and his army, Ryuu created Digimon Central, a city that houses other tamers of the Digital World and a recruitment center for those willing to join the fight against Barbamon and his army when the seal that holds him breaks.

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