Reiji Shinnosuke
(シンノスケレイジ Shinnosuke Reiji)
The Lone Wolf Tamer


Ultimate Tamer




Red & Black



Reiji Shinnosuke has always been a mysterious individual amongst the Ultimate Tamers. Upon the sealing away of Barbamon and his army, Reiji took his leave into the Digital World and has a tendancy to appear at unusual times.


As the lone wolf of the group, he acts as any lone wolf would and rivals with Ryuu, the leader of the Ultimate Tamers. He has a strong belief that his digimon alone can withstand and defeat those who oppose him. Even though he seems not to care, he will help his friends when they're in need of rescuing.


Reiji has a history of acting on his own and away from the group. He prefers working alone, but when the time calls for it he'll reluctantly work with others towards a similar goal. After the sealing of Barbamon, Reiji and his partner's whereabouts became unknown to those of the group. Though Ryuu's been keeping tabs on him since his disappearance...

He more than often has his share of run-ins with Jaymi. Though despite wanting to be seen, Reiji will usually give a helping hand if he assumes it's needed. He would also do the same for the other Ultimate Tamers as well.

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