Leo Okumura
(オクムラレオ Okumura Reo)
The Stalwart Tamer


Ultimate Tamer




Whitish Yellow



As an Ultimate Tamer, Leo Okumura is an able-bodied guy with good intentions. After sealing Barbamon and his army away, Leo and his partner began traveling around the Digital World in order to help weak digimon to become stronger. During their travels, they're also in search of powerful areas where they could train.


Leo is a strong-willed tamer, willing to use his strength to help others. He's a very kind hearted guy who takes everything to heart. Leo may be a bit strict and hard headed, but he's only trying to help you out.


As one of the strongest tamers within the group, Leo has always been one to count on whenever the going gets tough. Before the sealing of Barbamon, Leo often trained with his partner to aid their alies when needed. Due to this, he has become a very powerful ally to both tamer and digimon.

Due to his traveling around the Digital World, he has been in touch with both Jaymi and Reiji numerous times. His visits with the other Ultimate Tamers are short and rare, as he usually busies himself with training.