Lee "OG" Yamada
(ヤマダリー Yamada Rii)
The Tamer Genius


Ultimate Tamer




Blue & Red



Lee "OG" Yamada is a genius when it comes to the Digital World and Digimon. Upon sealing Barbamon and his army away, he's been busying himself with research to perhaps find a deeper meaning behind the evil that yearns for the destruction of the Digital World.


Lee is known to be the tactical and more knowledgable tamer of the group, thinking his moves through and planning out ways to defeat their enemies. He's a very serious person and can sometimes be a bit too blunt as he has a hard time understanding and analyzing the emotions of others. He later on finds that the answers he's been seeking lies within the trust of his friends.


To many tamers, Lee is known as "OG". This is so his identity is known only to those under the Ultimate Tamers. He is know for doing very extensive research on the Digital World and the inhabitance within it in order to perhaps discover Barbamon's true intentions upon wreaking havoc to the world.

Upon the Ultimate Tamers' experience with Barbamon and his army, Lee was the first to discover most of the features the "D-Coder" had to offer to him and his allies.

History Edit

Lee is a mixed race of Japanese and Chinese descent raised in Kyushu, and so he unwittingly became a target for infamous nationalists during the 2000's late first decade and early second decade. Despite his unwillingness and lack of involvement, his troubled childhood twisted his life view.

When his neighbors are actively involved in Chinese purging movements and pro-Japanese stand on Senkaku Island controversy, it has negatively impacted his social life. Despite so, the adults he knew had only rebuke his ground for personal defense and pride, making him a recluse who holds a personal grudge against adult logics. During his final elementary school year, he followed a local Chinese community leader who regularly runs functions for the benefit for Japanese citizens of Chinese descent, he came to know those like him who are oppressed. The community leader succumbs to his illness during a lunar new year gathering 3 years later, and back then no one came to his aid besides him, instead he came to see those who mocked him and his work during his funeral.

His suffering soon lead him to Barbamon, who promised to rid him of his enemies if he would take up the Ultimate Tamer title.

Partner / Tactics Edit

Lee's partner Raptomon employs tricks and deception to fight opponents on equal terms, especially the champion(adult) level digimons.