Jaymi Saeki
(佐伯ジェイミー Saeki Jeimi)
The Wandering Guardian


Ultimate Tamer




Gray Fern Green & Burgundy



After sealing Barbamon away, Jaymi Saeki decided to wander about the Digital World in search for reminent influences of the evil digimon and his army. She is known for not staying in one place for too long, but will serve her duties and leave promptly afterwards.


Jaymi is a quiet girl that usually has her actions speak louder than her words. She's very protective and caring of both her friends and helpless digimon. She usually helps anyone without question, but can easily lose her cool if the situation grows troublesome or if she becomes angered. She has a blunt way of speaking, but she's actually a very kind person once you get to know her.


As an Ultimate Tamer, Jaymi has been known to be quite loyal to both humans and digimon. After the sealing away of Barbamon, Jaymi and her partner left to travel the Digital World, weeding out any digimon under the influence of their late enemy. She doesn't stay in one place for too long and also has a tendancy to appear just in the nick of time before any damage is done to the helpless.

Jaymi often recieves alerts from the other Ultimate Tamers(usually from Ryuu) about suspicious digimon in areas of the Digital World. This usually sets her towards her next destination and heads off to investigating the case.

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