Hiro Sazaki
(サザキヒロ Sazaki Hiro)
The Braveheart Tamer


Ultimate Tamer




Green & Yellow



Hiro Sazaki is one of the bravest of the Ultimate Tamers. His strong will is never overlooked when it comes to protecting those in trouble.


Hiro is the most sensible one of the Ultimate Tamers. He's very precausious and considers the consiquences of certain actions that the group may take. As a powerful tamer, Hiro is very reliable and quite protective of his friends.


Upon the gathering of the Ultimate Tamers, Hiro has always looked out for the best of the group. He tends to keep the group from going at each others throats when there's a disagreement. After sealing Barbamon away, he, like most of the tamers, went out to help the victims of Barbamon's destruction. But all the while he never seemed to stray away from Barbamon's seal, guarding and fixing the seal to prevent the evil digimon's return.

Unlike the other Ultimate Tamers, Hiro likes to keep in contact with everyone within the group.

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