El Sato
(サト・エル Sato Eru)
The Composer of Happiness


Ultimate Tamer




Dark Blue & Purple



Upon the sealing of Barbamon and his legion, El Sato traveled the Digital World in order to make digimon happier with the gift of music. Upon staying in Digimon Central, El decided to help other tamers by teaching them the joy of music and how it could help digimon.


El is the most laid back tamer of the group. He enjoys listening to music and uses his enjoyment to help heal digimon around the Digital World. Even though he may be the easy going tamer of the Ultimate Tamers, he can get serious when the time calls for it.


Upon entering the Digital World with the other Ultimate Tamers, El traveled around to help victims of Barbamon's attacks. With his music, he managed to make digimon happier and made them more at ease. Through this act of kindness, he was soon dubbed as "The Composer of Happiness". After the sealing of Barbamon and his army, El settled in Digimon Centeral and began to help out tamers with his music and use it to help digimon. He's also been keeping an eye on suspicious tamers due to rumors of someone deleting other tamers...

El's memory to keep track of his friends is very slim, but he has frequent conversations with Max and Tommy whenever he runs by them.

History Edit

El is only chosen by Barbamon because of how he prefers to ignore confrontations by listening to music, and his way of pandering his interests upon others has been a nuisance to many, including Jaymi and his own partner Impmon.