Digimon World Alpha
Your New Adventure Begins







Made With

Unity 3D

Digimon World Alpha is a fan-made Role-Playing Game based on the Digimon Franchise. It brings together elements from the actual Digimon World Series, along with new, custom features to make a new World of Digimon!

The Team Edit

<|F.M.P|> - (Lead, Scripting, Spriting, Ideas, Story, Digifake designer, mapping)
Ryushin5 - (2nd Staff, Graphics, Ideas, story, Script editor, mapping)
Likewise - (3rd staff, Graphics. Ideas, story, mapping, CSS designer)
JaymiSaeki - (Spriting)
rockleon - (Digifake Designer)
ShadyPenpen - (Graphics, cutscenes, Digifake Designer)

Pika'chu500 - (Digifake designer)

Features Edit

  • For one, All DS styled Digimon are back.
  • Also, New Digimon, or "Digi-Fakes", will take the scene.
  • Tons of original characters will make an entrance.
  • A twisted and mysterious storyline awaits you in this Digital Adventure.
  • The Digimon Trading Card game makes another appearance!
  • A new Custom Battle system unlike any other Digimon World.
  • DS Digimon styled Tiles including many new custom tilesets will be used.
  • Mini games will be added to this new Digimon World.
  • Gym leaders take the scene once more as in Digimon World 3.

(More info will be added as obtained)